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hi i'm looking for someone to help with my layout here. help
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NEED HELP WITH: border codes, title capitalization, & header + layout width

 Hi all!

I just joined DW a few days ago, and I've managed to get my layout basically to how I want it to look.  There are a few things I need help with, though:
  • I'd like to add a tiny one-pixel-wide border around my header, entries, modules, and entry comments, but am not sure what code to use.
  • I'd also like to put the titles of my entries and the headers of my modules in lower-case letters. I tried looking through the customization options, but there doesn't seem to be one for capitalization.  :\
  • And lastly!  I've noticed that the width of my header and layout are dynamic and change as I shrink the browser window.  Is there any way to change both so that they are static?
I'd appreciate any help that anyone could offer me.  :)

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[personal profile] boji2010-04-01 03:33 am

Tabula Rasa query

I built my layout using Tabula Rasa, and the theme wizard. Googled my way to adding a pinch of CSS code (while being utterly code illiterate) so my icons right justify and there's an added border on the left. I really like what I was able to achieve.

BUT I'm looking for some help in tweaking the look of comments on the page i.e. here. They look too cluttered to me.

What really I want to do is find a way to let the date/time of the comment and the user details (IP Address) be in a far smaller font, or be outlined in a box, so that they don't detract from whatever the actual comment is.

Can anyone help? And how complicated would this be to code so that only the comment boxes changed?
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[personal profile] myene2009-06-28 09:06 am

Issue with my layout

So, I have a custom LJ lay out. I copyed the CSS from it to here, but it is off. I don't know enough to fix it, can anyone tell me what to do?
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[personal profile] hmo2009-06-24 11:41 am


Hello, this is just an introductory post so to fiddle with the layout of this place. Please feel free to join and post at your leisure. :)

Current layout credit: [personal profile] boo